6 player Aggravation game board 24 x 24x.75 sign d by craftsman


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: red oak plywood, polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint
  • Only ships to United States from Houston, Texas.



Classic Aggravation game board. This is a dual sided 4 and 6 player game meaning there are games on both sides of this wonderful game. I personally designed this particular style game more than 10 years ago and it is still a favorite. This particular game is made out of solid one piece 3/4 inch Red Oak plywood. You will not find a stronger longer lasting game board anywhere on the internet.

The colors are your choice meaning if you have certain colors you would like I will make your game using your favorite colors. This particular game is made to order so it will take about 14 days to complete. Yes, I have many others ready to go but this one will be CUSTOM HAND MADE for you and your family….

The game in the picture was a custom made game board for a new friend. I really liked his idea so much I decided to offer his color ideas to everyone. Note: The back of the game was modified for a different pattern using a fast track type game pattern. Your 4 player game will look a bit different than this using a more traditional 4 player Aggravation game. Unless of course you like this fast track style 4 player game to get away from the normal run of the mill Aggravation game patterns.

This aggravation game will come with 24 marbles, 4 Dice, and printed instructions. The Marbles and Dice will come in a nice hand sewn draw string bag made from recycled blue jeans. Yes the bag is hand made too.

This Massive game measures approximately 24x24x 3/4 and is made out of reclaimed .75″ thick Red Oak plywood. Half the fun of board games is the size; BIGGER IS BETTER as it makes the game more exciting as well as seeing the look on someone’s face when you haul this big boy out for a couple hours of fun.

This game has several coats of polyurethane and is signed and dated on the back by me the craftsman who PERSONALLY made the game. Most of the work once the game is cut is in the painting of the game. Shucks a game without color is like eating bread and water. Boring.

As shown the edges of the game have a FANCY Roman Ogee profile routered into the side of the game to make it look FANCY. On this game I painted the edge black with a Hunter Green inside octagon marble catch. This is a very LARGE heavy game MADE to LAST and will be a great addition to your home. This game will be a wonderful keepsake that will last for generations. You will love playing this game…

If you would like a custom game board made with your favorite colors just ask. I am not a robot making the same game over and over as you can see I can make “ANY” design game you can come up with.

Sometimes a person can forget how much fun people can have sitting together at the kitchen table playing board games. The conversation sure beat sitting in front of the TV.

If you would like a honest hand made wood game made by one person start to finish that has the personal touch holler at me. If you would like a mass produced game made by a large manufacturer then there are many games available for purchase.

I have been selling on Etsy for many years now and I have made many friends and I have many customers who requested custom made games that other “woodworkers” refused to make because the design time was to time consuming. I try to make games that the average person can afford without going broke. Check out the large number and variety of games in my shop which of course includes many variations, and price ranges.

Please be aware that this Game is ONLY INTENDED for people OVER age of 14 as marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by younger Children unsupervised.

Copyright notice: Please note this octagon design is copyrighted; thank you for respecting my designs.

SHIPPING POLICY – I CHARGE ONLY ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS…and I WILL issue a refund if you overpay for shipping. If Shipping is more than stated I will pay the EXTRA to have your item shipped to you.

CUSTOM WOODWORKING – I also make custom designed Wood Signs and Games and just about anything you can think of.


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