Aggravation game with Gators


Handmade item
Materials: polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint, hardwood ply
Made to order
Only ships to United States from Houston, Texas.



Aggravation game w gators.

Straight from the workshop to your front door is this very nice hand made wood Aggravation type board game that includes printed instructions, marbles, bag, and dice as shown in the photos. This is my newest wood game board design. As shown this new game has a Gators engraved and hand painted in on the game. This game is made to order and will take about 10-14 days to complete from time of order. This is a 5 marble in play game something I came up with about 10 years ago to make the game more action packed…

This 6 player game will accomodate any number of players from 2 to 6.


Approximately: 24 inches tall, 24 inches wide .75 (three quarter inch) thick. All my game boards are three quarter inch thick I don’t skimp on thickness.

Your board game is made from solid hand picked three quarter inch thick cabinet grade hardwood plywood for solid one piece construction and is topped off with a several coats of polyurethane for a strong long lasting durable hi gloss finish. This is a “VERY” strong made to last board game. Marble catch: I designed and routed an inner border that looks great BUT also serves a purpose. The purpose is to catch those pesky marbles when they miss a hole and roll around. You can personalize your colors if you so choose just contact me with your details.

Available colors are Red, White, Blue, Baby Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Black.
Note: I do not have Orange dice nobody makes Orange dice as of yet so I use Pink Dice for Orange marbles. (Yes the pink dice are Pretty) hahahahaha.


30 marbles and 6 matching color Dice, hand made draw string bag and printed instructions.

BONUS This game will include the LARGER size marbles. Most games use 9/16 or 1/2 inch marbles. This game has 5/8 inch marbles. Bigger marbles means they are easier to use and they look better. In case you are curious the marbles are made in the USA as I support made in the USA.

Please be aware that this Game is ONLY INTENDED for people OVER the age of 14 as the 5/8 inch marbles pose a risk of choking if used by children unsupervised.

All my handmade board games are signed, stamped and dated by me the craftsman who PERSONALLY made it. As you can tell no 2 games I make are exactly the same. They may look the same but they aren’t.

If you would like a different style game contact me with your details. I am one of the few game makers who will make custom designed game boards. All I need is a picture or idea and we are good to go as long the game isn’t copyrighted. I won’t use someone else’s design as that isn’t right. But for those old vintage antique games that are rare and have not been seen in a long time. I would love to re-make one for you.


If you live in Houston Texas and would like to save on shipping no problem you can pick up your items locally.


Copyright notice: Please note this design is copyrighted thank you for respecting my designs as I respect yours.

CUSTOM WOODWORKING – I also make custom designed Wood Signs and Games.


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