Aggravation game


  • Handmade item
  • Diameter: 16×16 inches
  • Materials: birch plywood, polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint
  • Only ships to United States from Houston, Texas.


Aggravation board game

Hello Folks,

Straight from the workshop to your front door is this very nice Aggravation board game. This game was a custom order for a new friend and I liked it so much I decided to offer this color scheme to you.

Game includes:

16 marbles,
1 storage box
4 matching color dice
1 drawstring bag.
Storage box

Note: The box YOUR new game arrives in can be used to store your game. It is a NICE box that fits the game perfectly. These boxes are expensive which is included in the price of shipping. So remember keep the box.

This is a nice handy game ready to provide many hours of entertainment for the entire family.

This my one of my smaller aggravation games that measures approximately 16 inches by 16 inches by 3/4 inch thick. This is such a cute looking game. If the power goes out bring out the aggravation game with a candle no plug required.

Your board game is made from solid hand picked three quarter inch thick cabinet grade Baltic Birch plywood for solid “one piece” construction and is topped off with several coats of polyurethane to make a strong long lasting durable hi gloss finish.

If you would like a custom game board made with your favorite colors just ask. I prefer to use high quality three quarter inch thick plywood for game boards because 3/4 inch thick plywood is much stronger and less prone to warping than other thinner materials or glue joints on natural wood games.

In case you are curious the marbles are also made in the USA. Please be aware that this Game is only intended for people OVER the age of 14 as the 9/16 inch marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by Children unsupervised. All my hand made board games are signed, stamped and dated by me the craftsman who PERSONALLY made it. As you can tell no 2 games I make are exactly the same.

I also fix game boards.

Please note: If you are considering buying a real wood game make sure to ask the seller for a 3-5 year warranty against warping and checking. (Checking is when the wood cracks. Real wood games can sometimes warp or split a couple years down the road. Not all do, but I would say about 5-10% will to a degree depending on climate, construction method, and the MC of the wood at the time the game is constructed. This is “NOT” a reflection on the quality of any wood game or the craftsman, it is just the nature of wood. I see some games that are “VERY” expensive and I have seen these expensive games after a couple years in a humid or dry environment shrink and swell and basically turn into firewood. I just finished fixing one that someone bought from another website a couple years ago. It was severely warped because it was not assembled correctly with opposing wood end grains. So ask for a warranty. I do not like charging folks to fix a game that should have been covered by a warranty. Consider this a public service message. If you buy a game that is made from HDF or MDF bottom line you can’t fix sawdust. If you have a real wood game that you would like fixed holler at me and I can give you a quote once I see a picture of the game.

All games in this shop have a 3 year warranty against warp-age and or splits…. (SMILE) I know you woodworkers are chuckling. As every seasoned woodworker knows plywood doesn’t split. If you can break a 3/4 inch thick plywood game then you are stronger than me with a sledgehammer.

Copyright notice: Please note this design is copyrighted thanks.

SHIPPING POLICY – I CHARGE ONLY ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS…and I WILL issue a refund if you overpay for shipping. If Shipping is more than stated I will pay the EXTRA to have your item shipped to you.

CUSTOM WOODWORKING – I also make custom designed WOOD SIGNS, GAMES and just about anything you can think of.


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