Aggravation Mable War game board Texas Style


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: plywood, polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint
  • Made to order


Aggravation type board game,

Straight from the workshop to your front door is my latest Marble War game board.

This game is made to order and takes about 2 weeks to make. Most games I make are in stock but this particular game is made to order due to the time element.

This dual sided 6 and 4 player game features engraved numbers as well as Texas engraved and hand painted in the center of the game. This game is played with cards rather than dice, and is very similar to dirty marbles or Tuck game boards. To make things a bit more challenging this game incorporates 5 marbles in play rather than 4.

Check out the details of this game. I engrave numbers on every hole in the war path “so you can double check” to make sure your opponents are not cheating. (SMILE) Of course Adults don’t cheat.


27inches x 27 inches x ¾ inch thick.

Printed instructions,
LARGE 7/8 inch Marbles
2 Decks of playing cards.

A new Friend (Customer) asked if I could make something really fancy and special. Well long story short after many attempts I came up with the design you seen now. I won’t go into details about how difficult these particular games are to make but suffice to say they are “VERY” demanding. The numbers on every hole are a HUGE help when playing the game. If you are familiar with this game you know how hard it is to count 13 spaces and how hard it is to keep track of your opponent when they count 13 spaces. Problem resolved….

Your board game is made from solid hand picked three quarter inch thick cabinet grade hardwood plywood for a solid one piece constructed game. The game is topped off with several coats of polyurethane which makes for a strong long lasting durable hi gloss finish. This is a very strong “MADE TO LAST” board game.

In case you are curious the marbles and dice are made in the USA. Please be aware this Game is ONLY INTENDED for people OVER the age of 14 as the large 7/8 inch marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by Children. .

All my handmade board games are signed, stamped and dated by me the craftsman who PERSONALLY made it. As you can tell no 2 games I make are exactly the same. They may look the same but they aren’t. If you would like a different style board game contact me with your details. I am one of the very few game board makers who will make custom made board games.

Marbles are made in USA.

If you live in Houston and want to save on shipping no problem you can pick your items locally.

Copyright notice: Please note: This design is copyrighted.


CUSTOM WOODWORKING – I also make custom designed Wood Signs, Custom made Board Games, and just about anything you can think of.


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