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This is a new board game called Alleys which is similar to Ludo and Aggravation games. This parlor game is a two sided game board made for 4 or 6 players by just flipping the game over. This game will come with 24 marbles in a hand made draw string bag. This game will include 2 decks cards to play this game.

Hello Folks,

This is a large heavy game MADE to LAST and would be a great addition to your home. This Alleys game board is made from three quarter inch thick birch plywood and measures approximately 24 inches wide by 24 inches long and 3/4 inch thick. You will love playing this game…

The story behind this game, a new customer (Friend) asked me to make a custom made Alleys game for his niece and he sent me the game instructions as well as pictures of the game. As such I replicated the game for him and engraved his Nieces name on the game. I also made a few games for sale here.

This is where the story gets really interesting. This game was designed by a fellow game maker who contacted me and asked me to stop making the game due to his copyright and he provided me with proof of his copyright. His name is Ed. It seems the game I replicated was made by Ed and a Friend of his a long time ago. Ed still makes the game too!!

Ed designed and has been making this game for the past 20+ years. As such I stopped making the game. Anyway a couple months later I asked Ed if I could make a couple games for sale and he was gracious enough to let me do so. I figured this is such a fun game to play and make that you folks here on Etsy should have the opportunity to play this rare and unique game. I have lost touch with Ed and I need to get a hold of him. So if anyone knows Ed, please have him reach out to me.

The instructions I will be sending you are a copy of the exact instructions Ed (the original designer) of this game sent to me. They will also have Eds contact information as well as my own. This worked out well as I met a new friend and I now have the opportunity to offer his game design to my friends here on Etsy. Kind of a neat story with a good ending…. BTW… YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!

Please be aware that this Game is ONLY INTENDED for people OVER age of 14 as marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by younger Children unsupervised.

Copyright notice: Please note this game design is copyright and trademark protected.

Thanks for looking.


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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 1 cm


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