ZOTS classic board game WOW Aggravation plus 2


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: birch plywood, polyurethane, acrylic enamel paint
  • Only ships to United States from Houston, Texas.


Hello Folks,

WOW a new hand made board game called ZOTS Aggravation game plus 2. This game will come with 24 marbles and 4 Dice. The Marbles and Dice will come in a nice hand sewn draw string bag made from recycled blue jeans.

Please be aware that this Game is ONLY INTENDED for people OVER age of 14 as marbles pose a risk of swallowing if used by younger Children unsupervised.

The story behind this game. A customer (new Friend) asked me to make a custom made HUGE ZOTS game made completely from pine wood. This game was played on board a ship when soldiers were being transported across the Atlantic during WWII.

A little trip back in time…. Can you imagine what it must have been like for the soldiers and sailors crossing the Atlantic knowing they were going into harms way? I can almost feel the tension, dread, and excitement not knowing if they would make it through across and not knowing what was in store for them. We owe a lot to America’s greatest generation who saved the ENTIRE world from tyranny. Lest we forget.

Anyway we searched all over trying to find this game but could not locate one hence the custom made board game in progress. This game will come with instructions on how to play.

This is a large game that measures approximately 17 x 17 x .75″. This Game is made out of .75″ thick Birch plywood. This 4 player game will come with printed instructions in case you have never played ZOTS!!! If you love playing Aggravation you will really love ZOTS with the added shortcuts and 2 extra marbles that are in play. Yep that’s right 24 marbles IN PLAY rather than 16. WOW lots more action.

Half the fun of board games is the SIZE; Bigger is BETTER as it makes it more exciting as I recall. At present this game has two coats of polyurethane and really SHINES. It is signed and dated on the back by me the craftsman who made it.

As shown the edge of the game has a FANCY Roman Ogee profile routered into the sides of the game to make it look FANCY. This is a large heavy game MADE to LAST and will be a great addition to any home and will be great to pass down from generation to generation. You will love playing this game…

Copyright notice: Please note this game design is copyrighted thanks.

Thanks for looking.
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